Science and Tech Current Affairs For UPSC Prelims and Mains 2018

This article will help in covering the following topics of the syllabus


  • General Science


Essay Paper-III

General studies III –

  • Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life
  • Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.
  • Awareness in the fields of IT, Space, Computers, robotics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and issues relating to intellectual property rights.

As you know Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2018 will be conducted on 3rd June 2018, and mains will be starting from 1st October 2018 in which current affairs will play a crucial role.

So in this article, we will be updating all important Science and tech events between January 2017 to September 2018 on monthly basis. Bookmark this page in your browser so that you don’t miss any important event. The events are compiled from newspapers (The Hindu, TOI, IE & ET), magazines, and various online resources.

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March 2018

  • Successful Test of NAG
  • Super-Earth exoplanets
  • NASA reveals future missions to Moon
  • Search for interstellar water
  • AI-powered ‘Watson Assistant
  • Brahmos Test fired successfully
  • Govt starts creating IST
  • Hot Earth-sized exoplanet spoted
  • GSAT-6A in orbit
  • SIH-2018


February 2018

  • Sanskrit name for Airbus
  • Agni-I successfully test-fires
  • New alien species invasions rising globally
  • Mid-course missile interceptor.
  • Graphene radiation detector
  • In major breakthrough in retinal neurons
  • Juno probe completes orbit of Jupiter
  • App to monitor fly ash launched
  • Astrosat accomplishes X-ray polarisation
  • Neptune’s mysterious shrinking storm
  • Asteroid ‘time capsules
  • Agni-II missile test fired.
  • Night trial
  • World’s first state-backed digital currency
  • India 7th most targeted nation
  • SARAS test flown successfully
  • ‘Ultramassive’ black holes discovered
  • Next generation technology loop to generate clean energy
  • ‘Dhanush’ missile successfully test-fired
  • SpaceX launches imaging satellite
  • 5G trial in India successfully.. 339
  • Rustom-2 test successfully.. 340
  • CSIR signs MoU with IORA.. 341
  • Water distributed across lunar surface.. 342
  • Clues to alien life on Mars. 343



From time to time the current affairs magazines section containing full coverage of events will also get updated, which you can download in PDF format.

The magazines given below are updated  with full coverage of events from January 2017 to March 2018

Science and Tech Current Affairs (eBook)Yearly current affairs 2018



January 2018

  • First time microbes in space
  • Eco-friendly method for raw biomass
  • First Blue Moon in 150 years
  • India’s first multi-petaflops supercomputer
  • Scientists trace origins of early life
  • Zuma spacecraft launched
  • The man who decoded our DNA
  • New catalyst can create fuels from shale gas
  • India to launch its 100th satellite.
  • UIDAI introduces ‘Virtual ID’
  • Multiple-burn tech.
  • PSLV-C40 successfully places 31 satellites
  • Stem cells convert to nerve cells
  • Five new exoplanets
  • UIDAI to introduce facial authentication
  • Cartosat-2 becomes operational
  • Maharashtra unveils public cloud policy
  • World’s biggest flooded cave.
  • India successfully test-fires Agni
  • Indigenous malaria vaccine failed
  • Commercialise use of ISRO’s lithium-ion battery
  • Last satellite launched by a foreign rocket
  • Super blue moon to reveal evolution of moon’s surface
  • New cyber security business
  • Scientists clone monkeys
  • GOLD mission continues.
  • UIDAI allows face recognition
  • Karanj launched

December 2017

  • SpaceX’s new rocket ‘Falcon Heavy’
  • Voyager 1 fired up
  • Generic Seretide inhaler approved
  • Successful Launch of Akash Missile
  • India’s ‘first’ energy-efficient railway station
  • Black holes have weaker magnetic fields
  • New form of matter discovered
  • Moon once had an atmosphere
  • IWPSD 017
  • India ranking in mobile internet speeds
  • UNICEF report on Internet
  • Work to integrate BrahMos begins
  • LIGO to be built in India
  • Living bacteria found in polar ice
  • India ahead in digital payments
  • Star found eating planets
  • Indian scientists decode gravitational wave
  • New system to think like humans
  • New exotic state of matter discovered
  • How our solar system formed
  • Supersonic interceptor missile test fired
  • Supersonic interceptor missile test fired
  • ISRO’s NAVIC system
  • ‘Holiday ornament in space’ spoted

November 2017

  • Rules to regularise use of drone
  • Test of Guided Bombs
  • India in 7 countries at high ransomware risk
  • China launches 2 navigation satellites
  • India test fires ‘Nirbhay’ missile
  • Chemical compound for first biomolecules
  • Sun-like red giant star found
  • India’s space observatory
  • Scientists grow new skin
  • Names to be sent to Mars
  • Top sulphur dioxide emitter
  • Epidermolysis bullosa
  • National Conference on BharatNet
  • E. Coli into space
  • First ever Apcert Conference
  • APCERT for Digital Economy
  • New weapon against cancer
  • Ross 128 b discovered
  • Lost’ satellite mission reveals secrets
  • Joint mission to moon
  • Brahmos creates history
  • QS Rankings 2017
  • ISRO satellite imageries

October 2017

  • Elon Musk’s new vision
  • Large solar storm sparks
  • Elusive giant black hole couples
  • Sun-like star that devoured its own planets
  • Methane rainstorms on Titan
  • Origins of gold find
  • Indian Role in gravity waves detection
  • World’s biggest science project
  • Nasa extends Dawn mission
  • Plasma technology can produce oxygen
  • New Indian spider named
  • Flight integration activity for Chandrayaan-2
  • First ‘fish lizard’ fossil found in India
  • Ancient oceans found on Ceres
  • World’s first hydrogen tram
  • Trojan Horse strategy
  • Comets outside our solar system


September 2017

  • IRNSS-1H mission unsuccessful
  • Mystery signals detected
  • Largest malware campaign in 2017
  • First evidence of water on TRAPPIST-1
  • Artificial colourful clouds
  • World’s biggest X-ray goes into operation
  • World’s First Processed Olive Tea
  • India’s smartest chatbot
  • Second-fastest-spinning pulsar discovered
  • New way to make quantum computers
  • Pluto mountains
  • New malware detected in India
  • Policy group forms for AI
  • Chandrayaan-1 data helps map water on Moon
  • Fast paper-based tuberculosis test
  • Trawl System by DRDO
  • Trials of Astra Missile successful
  • Google Tez
  • New type of washable solar cell developed
  • New Heights in Biotechnology
  • World’s first ‘molecular robot’
  • New colour of China’s ‘Dead Sea’
  • Genome editing used to alter DNA function
  • AI based SIA launched
  • Wheat pathogen Ug99
  • Fourth gravitational wave detected
  • World’s first quantum trunk line

August 2017

  • New material to convert CO2 into fuel
  • Flexible bio-glue
  • Isro to sign MoU with CSIR-NPL
  • NAVIC system to rival US GPS
  • Accurate measurement of elusive dark matter
  • GhanSat-1 starts orbiting
  • Clove oil from tulsi
  • Glowing water atmosphere discovered
  • Largest volcanic region on Earth discovered
  • How goldfish make alcohol
  • Plant-based polio vaccine developed
  • Indianapolis found
  • New ‘state of matter’ found
  • Solar corona predicted
  • Plans to make O2 on Mars
  • More effective way to treat HIV
  • Planes to get GAGAN
  • Method to converts tree leaves into electronic devices

July 2017

  • Sounding rocket lunched
  • Banks tap hackathons in digital world
  • QRSAM test fired
  • First asteroid deflection mission
  • SpaceX’s Dragon returns
  • ‘Tmall Genie’
  • Supernova explosions inside labs
  • SBT antenna terminal developed
  • New maps of Pluto, Charon
  • Made in India for Global Health
  • Strange signals detected
  • Hidden undersea world reveals
  • Rate of Cybercrime increase
  • High Altitude Cloud Observatory
  • World’s first floating wind farm
  • First GM human embryos
  • AI create 3D models from photos
  • Deep space habitat for NASA
  • New ways of star formation
  • “Flammable ice” under SCS
  • Observe asteroid flyby


June 2017

  • Molecular black hole created
  • India successfully test fires Prithvi-II missile
  • LIGO detects gravitational waves for the third time
  • New AI system can predict your lifespan
  • First-ever mission to neutron-stars
  • GSAT-19 boost Digital India
  • GSAT-19 launched
  • Indian companies more prone to cyber attack
  • Two dimensional magnets exist
  • Two massive planets discovered
  • Fuel from carbon dioxide
  • China’s first X-ray space telescope

May 2017

  • Solar cells from Jamun created
  • Solar car made of desi resources
  • World’s biggest X-ray laser generates first light
  • First synthetic retina created
  • GSAT-09 adds to India’s comsat constellation
  • Novel molecule to treat cancer
  • Spyder’ missile test fired
  • LCA Tejas successfully test fires
  • Massive lava waves spotted on Jupiter’s moon Io
  • ISRO’s GSAT-trio to usher in high-speed internet era
  • New moon found orbiting solar system
  • China successfully mines ‘flammable ice’
  • New ‘styrofoam’ planet found
  • Mystery of floating rocks with X-rays
  • First human ancestors evolved in Europe
  • Juno reveals first result
  • New king of galaxy find
  • ISRO braces for heaviest rocket GSLV Mk-III
  • China launches SNPS
  • World’s first infrared telescope
  • Solar Probe Plus
  • ‘Super-Earth’ found

April 2017

  1. SpaceX launches its first recycled rocket
  2. Neptune-sized ‘lost’ planet discovered
  3. First ever biogas bus
  4. The Star Wars ‘superlaser’ developed
  5. In a first, atmosphere found around Earth-like planet
  6. Possible Venus ‘twin’ discovered
  7. First ‘image’ of dark matter web captured
  8. How Earth got its moon
  9. Operator 4.0
  10. ‘Super-Earth’ could host alien life
  11. Navy test-fires Brahmos
  12. New way find to detect ‘naked singularity’
  13. Scientists develop a lightweight robotic cheetah
  14. NASA’s SPB launched successfully

March 2017

  1. Evidence of a ‘Star Wars’ planetary system
  2. AAD missile successfully test-fired
  3. Ancient Earth was once a giant shell
  4. AI beats professionals
  5. Galaxy four times the mass of the Milky way
  6. New molecules turn carbon dioxide into fuel source
  7. ISRO nanotwins stabilise in space
  8. Chandrayaan 1 still orbiting Moon
  9. Bio-based glue created
  10. First 3D structure of active DNA
  11. India first to get weather alert technology
  12. Massive brown dwarf discovered
  13. MRO completes 50,000th orbit

February 2017

  1. First ever blueprint for quantum computers unveiled
  2. Low oxygen levels delayed evolution on Earth
  3. India takes first steps on artificial life forms
  4. First Indigenous AEW&C
  5. ‘Umbrella’ launched
  6. Isro launches record 104 satellites
  7. Black hole fueling star formation discovered
  8. High-quality graphene from soybean
  9. Carbon dioxide turned into fuel using light

January 2017

  1. Extra second added to Indian time
  2. Agni-IV successfully test-fired
  3. Earth-like snow and ice features found on Pluto
  4. Gravitational wave telescopes
  5. Measles-rubella vaccine to roll out
  6. ISRO realigns orbit of ‘Mangalyaan’
  7. Artificial intelligence can help airlines
  8. Earth, Moon formed from similar materials
  9. First human-pig embryos


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