Our Constitution by Subhash C. Kashyap – A must have book for IAS aspirants



The book, ‘Our Constitution’ by Subhash C. Kashyap is a book that gives the readers an ideal introduction to the Indian Constitution. This book reflects the vast and extensive knowledge of the author in the matters of constitutional law. It is written in such a format that readers from all backgrounds will be able to understand the concepts effectively. The clarity of matter and engaging narratives makes this book a must-have for those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the subject. This book has been published by National Book Trust in the year 2011.

The book utilises a simple approach that explains the terms in a concise manner whilst providing all the details. Along with the Indian Constitution, important aspects of the Preamble have also been discussed. The division of power has also been given the due importance. The aspects of the Legislature and the executive have been discussed as well. Plus, the structure of the Judiciary has been dissected. There is an exclusive section on the fundamental rights. Furthermore, there is a segment on the duties of the Indian citizens.

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