Bill Gates – 10 Rules you will never learn in school

Bill Gates once gave a mind blowing speech at a high school explaining them the difference between real life and fictional life that most individuals of new generation fail to understand and are not taught in schools. This set of life changing rules might be one of the core reasons that make him stand out of the crowd and lead a billionaire lifestyle. I hope you take this rules as forever life lessons and be the best and productive you can be in each day of your life.

Some say this is a myth, Bill Gates never said that some say it’s true. Why it has been attributed to Mr.Bill Gates is still a mystery, but the basic intention of making this post is that the points said are totally legit and inspiring especially for the younger generation.

So here are the 10 rules for a successful life which you don’t learn at schools, colleges or institutions:


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  • When life takes away or doesn’t give you what you always wanted, don’t give up. Direct your anger or frustration towards the right way and earn the life you ever wanted in spite of the biggest obstacles that knocked you down


  • There is no need to show off what you are going to be in the future, don’t fall into the trap. The most important thing about your dream is that you need to protect it till you turn it into a reality. When you have achieved enough don’t forget to give back, that where the world wants to appreciate you.


  • Grow slow! Be big! You can’t be each and everything you ever wanted or want to become overnight. It takes time. Work on yourself and your goal rather than finding shortcuts to achieve everything. You will surely become what you dream for, what you have to do is work on getting better at digesting your success.



  • Be patient and learn to tolerate your teachers’ or your elder’ scolding on your mistakes. You don’t get people to correct you when you are working, they need the best results anyhow and if you are not able to produce the results as quickly and perfectly as possible, you get fired. Take time to correct your mistakes when you still have that time and opportunity.



  • There is no secret to luck, its all about how good you are in grabbing the opportunities coming your way and make the most out of them for your life. No work is small if you do it in a great way. How about you worry about being the best and achieve your goal rather than worrying about your dignity? Success only comes to those who are willing to get their hands dirty.



  • Note down each and every mistake and work out on correcting them. Stop throwing stones on others. You only get better when you face your weaknesses and mistakes. Never be dependent on your parents or any other person for correcting your own mistakes.



  • So if you think your parents are boring and not that good with you, you know the reason now. The biggest thing you can ever do as a daughter/son is learning to be self-served and independent. Start learning to take responsibility for your little things. Stop messing up yourself and your life. Be conscious and loyal about your own good or bad actions you take every day.



  • When you are out in the real world where your fate or survival is in your own hands, you don’t always get second chances. Its do or do not there is no try kind of life you are leading. Be so sure and strongly confident about your choices that you don’t have to regret. Live each and every moment as if you are gonna die next day. Build firm foundations for your life, make your own way through this world.



  • Always have a sense of productiveness and pace in your work and actions you take every day to be successful. Don’t wait for anything just go for it and you shall become the one you see in your vision. Be proactive and take more actions, think less and wait for less. Life is not gonna give you a vacation from respiration and growth, keep track of your life and be there on time for each and every moment.


  • Be realistic about everything. You simply want to enjoy discussing things you think are impossible while someone else is working on them out there and making everything possible for the world. Stay away from your Television, if locks you in the prison of  deceptions. Entertainment is important but not compulsory. Living a better life is compulsory. Think of your own brain and stop falling into the trap of going with the flow for everything and anything.


I hope you enjoyed and learned the life transforming lessons from Mr. Bill Gates. Do let us know about your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks or suggestions in comments.


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