5 Things you should do before starting the IAS preparation 

Now you are acquainted with the book list for civil services preparation. You might be thinking what should be the first step for preparation. So today we will be suggesting the things which you should keep in first place.

Before you start the preparation it is important to develop the right mindset for this examination because this exam is not about mugging up the facts but about understanding and applying the concepts. So we are going to discuss the steps which you need to follow in order to start the preparation.

Step 1 – Getting Acquainted with syllabus 

There are many topics in the syllabus and it’s not easy to develop focus so first of all, make the print out of Civil Services Prelims and Mains Syllabus, keep it on your study table so that you can go through it on regular basis.

Benefits –

  • With regular practice, the syllabus will be stored in your mind and you will be able to relate day to day topics with the syllabus.
  • Apart from that, preparation process will not be limited to study table, you will be able to connect things with the real world.

Step 2 – Getting Acquainted with old question papers 

Download and make the print out of old question papers and go through it on regular basis with your preparation.

Benefits –

  • It is the most important steps to go through the question papers and will you guide in preparation
  • It will also give you a clear idea that how much you should study the books and study materials.

Step 3 – Practice old question papers 

There are plenty of books available in the market from which you can practice old question papers such as

Benefits –

  • With regular practice, you can develop an insight into the pattern of question papers and type of question asked.
  • It will also help you to develop the writing the answer in the correct format.
  • It will also help you to maintain the speed for completing the question papers.

Step 4 – Creating Schedule and timetable 

There are plenty of subjects and study materials which you need to tackle in order to complete the preparation so crafting a schedule will keep you on track.

Benefits –

  • With a schedule, your preparation will be balanced and on track.
  • You will be able to complete the syllabus in a holistic way
  • It will keep you organised and balanced

Step 5 – Staying fit physically and mentally  

It is also important to keep yourself physically and mentally active, in process of long study hours don’t ignore your body. You can do some simple exercise by staying at home on regular basis. In this article, we have shared tips to study for long hours without getting bored.

The tips which we have mentioned in this article are simple but highly effective, which will defenetely improve the quality of your preparation.

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