Sectional Breakdown of UPSC Prelims Question Paper 2016


From the above chart, we can clearly understand the importance of current affairs and environment related topics. Below is the list of category wise question asked in UPSC Prelims 2016

  1. Current Affairs – 44 Questions – Click here for List of Current affairs questions asked in UPSC Prelims 2016
  2. Environment – 14 Question – Environment and ecology related questions asked in UPSC Prelims 2016
  3. History – 16

Medieval Indian History – 6

Ancient Indian History – 4

Modern Indian History – 6

  1. Economics – 7 Question
  2. Polity – 5 Question
  3. International Organisation – 7 Question
  4. Geography – 3 Question
  5. General Science – 4 Question

Scroll down to get the remaining questions asked 


1.There has been a persistent deficit budget year after year. Which action/actions of the following can be taken by the Government to reduce the deficit ?

1. Reducing revenue expenditure

2. Introducing new welfare schemes

3. Rationalizing subsidies 4. Reducing import duty

2.In the context of which of the following do you sometimes find the terms ‘amber box , blue box and green box’ in the news ?

3.Which of the following is/are included in the capital budget of the Government of India ?

1. Expenditure on acquisition of assets like roads, buildings, machinery, etc.

2. Loans received from foreign governments.

3. Loans and advances granted to the States and Union Territories .

4.Which of the following best describes the terms ‘import cover’, sometimes seen in the news ?

5.With reference to pre-packaged items in India , it is mandatory to the manufacturer to put which of the following information on the main label , as per the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011 ?

1. List of ingredients including additives

2. Nutrition information

3. Recommendations, if any, made by the medical profession about the possibility of any allergic reactions.

4. Vegetarian / non- vegetarian

6.What is/are the purpose/ purposes of the ‘Marginal Cost of Fund based Lending Rate (MCLR)’ announced by RBI ?

1. These guidelines help improve the transparency in the methodology followed by banks for determining the interest rates on advances.

2. These guidelines help ensure availability of bank credit at interest rates which are fair to the borrowers as well as the banks

7.With reference to ‘Financial Stability and Development Council’ , consider the following statements:

1. It is an organ of NITI Aayog.

2. It is headed by the Union Finance Minister.

3. It monitors macro-prudential supervision of the economy



1.Which of the following statements is/are correct?

1. A bill pending in the Lok Sabha lapses on its prorogation.

2. A bill pending in the Rajya Sabha which has not been passed by the Lok Sabha, shall not lapse on dissolution of the Lok Sabha

2.Consider the following statements :

1. The Chief Secretary in a State is appointed by the Governor of that State.

2. The Chief Secretary in a State has a fixed tenure

3. With reference to the ‘Green Nyayalaya Act’, which of the following statements is/are correct ?

1. As per the Act, Gram Nyayalayas can hear only civil cases and not criminal cases.

2. The Act allows local social activists as mediators/ reconciliators.

4. The parliament of India acquires the power to legislate on any item in the State List in the national interest if a resolution to that effect is passed by the

5. Consider the following statements:

1. The minimum age prescribed for any person to be a member of Panchayat is 25 years.

2. A Panchayat reconstituted after premature dissolution continues only for the remainder period.

International Organisations

1.Which of the following is/are the indicator/indicators used by IFPRI to compute the Global Hunger Index Report?

1. Undernourishment

2. Child stunting

3. Child mortality

2.What is/are the importance/importances of the ‘United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification’ ?

1. It aims to promote effective action through innovative national programmes and supportive international partnerships.

2. It has a special particular focus on South Asia and North Africa regions, and its Secretariat facilitates the allocations of major portion of financial resources to these regions.

3. It is committed to bottom-up approach , encouraging the participation of local people in combating the desertification.

3.With reference to the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC), consider the following Statements :

1. IMFC discusses matters of concern affecting the global economy, and advises the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the direction of its work . 2. The World Bank participates as observer in IMFC’s meetings

2. The World Bank participates as observer in IMFC’s meetings

4.With reference to ‘Organization for the Prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW)’, consider the following statement :

It is an organization of European Union in working relation with NATO and WHO.

2. It monitors chemical industry to prevent new weapons from emerging .

3. It provides assistance and protection to States (Parties) against chemical weapons threats.

5.India’s ranking in the ‘Ease of Doing Business Index’ is sometimes seen in the news. Which of the following has declared that ranking ?

6.Which of the following is not a member if ‘Gulf Cooperation Council?

1. Iran

2. Saudi Arabia

3. Oman

4. Kuwait

7.‘Global Financial Stability Report’ is prepared by the

a) European Central Bank

b) International Monetary Fund

c) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

d) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Medieval India

1.Regarding the taxation system of Krishna Deva, the ruler of Vijayanagar , consider the following statements :

1. The tax rate on land was fixed depending on the quality of the land.

2. Private owners of workshops paid an industries tax

2.With reference to the culture history of medieval India, consider the following statements :

1. Siddhas (Sittars) of Tamil region were monotheistic and condemned idolatry.

2. Lingayats of Kannada region questioned the theory of rebirth and rejected the caste hierarchy.

3.Banjaras during the medieval period of Indian history were generally

4.What is/are common to the two historical places known as Ajanta and Mahabalipuram?

1. Both were built in the same period

2. Both belong to the same religious denomination

3. Both have rock-cut monuments.

5. With reference to the economic history of medieval India, the term ‘Arghatta’ refers to

a) bonded labour

b) land grants made to military officers

c) waterwheel used in the irrigation of land

d) wasteland converted to cultivated land

6. With reference to the cultural history of India, the memorizing of chronicles, dynastic histories, and epic tales was the profession of who of the following?

a) Shramana

b) Parivraajaka

c) Agrahaarika

d) Maagadha


Ancient History

1.Which one of the following books of ancient India has the love Story of the son of the founder of Sunga dynasty ?

2.Who of the following had first deciphered the edicts of Emperor Ashoka ?

3.With reference to the religious history of India , consider the following statements :

1. The concept of Bodhisattva is central to Hinayana sect of Buddhism .

2. Bodhisattva is a compassionate one on his way to enlightenment

3. Bodhisattva delays achieving his own salvation to help all sentient beings on their path to it

4. In the context of the history of India, consider the following pairs:

ERIPATTI – Land, revenue from which was set apart for the maintenance of the village tank

TANIYURS – Villages donated to a single Brahmin or a Group of Brahmins

GHATIKAS – Colleges generally attached to the temples

Which of the pairs above is/are correctly matched?

Modern Indian History 

1.The ‘Swadeshi ‘ and ‘Boycott’ were adopted as method of struggles for the first time during the

2.Satya Shodhak Samaj organized 

a) a movement for upliftment of tribals in Bihar b) a

b) a temple entry movement in Gujarat

c) an anti-caste movement in Maharashtra d) a peasant movement in Punjab

d) a peasant movement in Punjab

3.The Montague-Chelmsford Proposals were related to

a) social reforms

b) educational reforms

c) reforms in police administration

d) constitutional reforms

4.Consider the following: 

1. Calcutta Unitarian Committee

2. Tabernacle of New Dispensation

3. Indian Reform Association

Keshab Chandra Sen is associated with the establishment of which of the above?

5. What was the main reason for the split in the Indian National Congress at Surat in 1907?

6. The plan of Sir Stafford Cripps envisaged that after the Second World War


1.Which of the following is/are tributary/ tributaries of Brahmaputra ?

1. Dibang

2. Kameng

3. Lohit

2. In which of the following regions of India are shale gas resources found?

1. Cambay Basin

2. Cauvery Basin

3. Krishna- Godavari Basin

3. Consider the following pairs:

1. Bodhgaya – Baghelkhand

2. Khajuraho – Bundelkhand

3. Shirdi – Vidarbha

4. Nasik (Nashik) – Malwa

5. Tirupati – Rayalaseema

General Science 

1.Which of the following statements is/are correct? Viruses can infect

1. Bacteria

2. Fungi

3. Plants

2. On which of the following can you find the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Star Label? 1. Ceiling fans

2. Electric geysers

3. Tubular fluorescent lamps

3.India is an important member of the ‘International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’. If this experiment succeeds, what is the immediate advantage for India?

a) It can be thorium in the place of uranium for power generation

b) It can attain a global role in the satellite navigation

c) It can drastically improve the efficiency of its fission reactors in the power generation

d) It can build fusion reactors for power generation.

4. With reference to ‘Astrosat’, the astronomical observatory launched by India, which of the following statements is/are correct?

1. Other than USA and Russia, India is the only country to have launched a similar observatory into space.

2. Astrosat is a 2000 kg satellite placed in an orbit at 1650 Km above the surface of the Earth.

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