Medieval Indian History – E-Book

Medieval Indian History – E-Book

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The book Medieval Indian History has effectively covered all important aspects, to meet the need of UPSC aspirants as well as of students preparing for the different competitive examination.

Its starts from the North Indian Kingdom and concludes at the coming of Europeans.

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Q: sir i want how many pages does each book contains,like wise 60 in geo 124 in history,i want in how pages do each of those 8 books contain,n 2nd qtn is 1st i want to check 1 book later i will buy all in bulk ,for e.g today i brought medieval in which costs 85 rupees ,tomarrow if want to buy all book i.e in bulk which r now costing 450 somr thing,so later if want to buy all will u deduct my previous 85 n sell at deducted cost,think u got my question,waiting for ur reply
— Asked by rohith on April 7, 2016
A: Hello,here is the number of pages for each book Indian Geography - 188 Indian Economy - 162 Basic Concept of Economy - 120 Indian Polity - 200 Ancient Indian History - 36 Medieval Indian history - 84 Modern Indian History - 120 World Geography - 158 Yes, we will deduct the amount if you will buy in bulk after purchasing a single book.

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