Must have books for CAT and MBA Entrance Exams (IBSAT, ICET, MICAT, SNAP & XAT)

Mainly there is four major section when you are preparing for CAT or other MBA entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, MICAT etc.

  • Verbal Ability
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning

In this post, we will be recommending best book and study material for each section

Verbal Ability – 

For this portion, you need to build up comprehension reading skill. You should refer How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Arun Sharma. This book is the right choice for those preparing well ahead of the examination and good for practicing. The explanation for the approach to solve problems is also good. With 3 levels of difficulties, it will train you thoroughly.

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Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most challenging components of MBA entrance examinations, it tests your numerical ability. It is an area where you can score with rigorous practice, the book which should be referred is none other than How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma. You should have basic knowledge of mathematics before practicing this book. Standard of questions is great and it is also helpful for other competitive exams.

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Data Interpretation 

Data interpretation test your ability to deal with graphs and tables if you are looking for the separate book to deal with this section then you must follow How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for the CAT by Arun Sharma. This book also contains previous years exam papers which will be really helpful for your preparation.

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Logical Reasoning 

A good score in this section considerably eases the pressure on doing well in the Verbal Ability section, so if you are looking to score well then start practicing How to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma. There is the good amount of question in this book it will be also helpful for other competitive examinations.

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So basically we have recommended four must have books for CAT and other MBA Exams which are given below

Apart from this, you should also follow current events, newspapers, and magazines to keep you updated with current happenings.

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