How to study for long hours without getting bored

It is one of the frequently asked questions by students of all age group. Well in this post we are going to share scientifically proven techniques which will help you to study or work longer with max productivity.

Whether you are nocturnal or diurnal, the given techniques will be helpful for everyone.

So you are trying hard to stick on the table and complete your task, but unable to do so. What’s the reason Is it lack of concentration or the  subject/task is boring.

So whatever could be the reason you just can’t avoid your studies/work. You also know that to achieve your goals it’s really important to spent quality hours on the table.

Reasons for not getting the desired concentration for a long time

There are several reasons for not getting desired concentration such as

  • Distractions on your table
  • The constant notification of your smartphone
  • Type of food you are consuming
  • Environment which surrounds you
  • Not getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours a day)
  • No physical activity
  • No planning for the day/task
  • And etc.. Etc.. Etc.…

Many of you might be knowing these things and had already fixed these things. But still not getting the desired results.

Huh, this blog is not sharing the techniques just doing the blah blah….

Well, don’t get frustrated, without stretching further let us share this simple and scientifically proven technique with you.

See when you are doing something mentally not physically, then it’s really important to understand that how your brain is functioning. It is already proven that our mind cannot give 100% focus on anything for a longer time. That’s why your first or second hours of study is productive, but after that, it diminishes.

So what’s the optimal capacity of the brain which will keep you focused?

Our brain can stay fully focused on anything for at least 45minutes.

So anything done in those 45 minutes will be productive and you will not feel bored. That’s why in School and Universities most of the periods are of 30 to 45 minutes.

So how to utilise the productive hours of the brain?

In order to make the optimal use of your brain, you have to trick it. Yes, we are right, you can trick your brain and make to study/work longer.

How to trick your brain?

In order to do so, you need to divide the study/work sessions for 45 minutes. Suppose you want to study/work for 12 hours a day than simply use the 45 minutes of each hour for doing the task and remaining 10 to 15 minutes to relax your brain. You may also take a long break of 30 minutes after 4 to 5 sessions.

How to relax your brain?

The relaxation doesn’t mean that you are going to sleep or lying on the bed. See you have been setting for 45 minutes, now it’s time for physical movement. Because there is a direct relation between the functioning of the brain and physical activity. The more you are physically fit the more you will be productive.

What physical activity can be done in those 10 to 15 minutes?

It can be anything within your reach like

  • Stepping on stairs
  • Getting out for a small walk
  • Doing less important task (like cleaning the room, organising the cupboard )
  • Playing any indoor games (like badminton, TT etc.)

For example to take these short breaks I used to go on the terrace and take some fresh air and walk around it. So these short breaks will make you prepared for next session, when you are back on the table than again set the timer for next 45 minutes.

Well, there is a popular App in Google play store which is working on the same principles click here to download.


Just keep on repeating this technique and at the end of the day you will be surprised to see the results.

If it doesn’t work out just let us know in comment section below. And if you feel this technique is really helpful in your studies/work then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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  1. Well if u want to study effectively then ….first of all u need to be determined and u should be focused …..!!! Just set a goal like today I have to complete this chapter and then just complete it in the whole day no matter at what time ….just set goals and complete them …..Drink water it supplied oxygen to ur brain …..keep eating fruits ……take proper sleep…..and study !!! U just study and dont think about the result ….
    So…..Don’t stress …..Try ur best …..and just forget the rest ….!!!
    All the very best

  2. Hiii i am studying in 12 but i can’t concenterate on my studies . Jab bhi padhne baithti hu 30 – 60 minutes se jyaada nhi padh paati hu

  3. I am studying 11th and I have 12th portion. I can’t study more than 3 he’s continuously at night..and I feel tired to wake at morning.. Why it happens so….

  4. sir I was studying one subject for last 20 day continuously for 10-12 hours. I am the topper of my class but taking sleep properly .on 21th day when I was on my table I lose my whole concentration. the unwanted questions start coming in mind that why I am focusing?. what I am focusing . and how I am focusing. this questions again and again coming in mind please give me some trick to get a rid off this .. I have allso tried meditation but no more helpfull for me expect 1or2 hour

    1. कोई भी सरकारी Exam या competitive Exam की तैयारी के लिए घंटो पढ़ने पड़ते है मगर ज़्यादातर लोग 1-2 घंटे से ज़्यादा नही पढ़ पाते है लेकिन इस वीडियो मे मैं आपको 3 ऐसे SCIENTIFIC PROVEN TIPS बताने वाला हू जिससे आप लंबे समय तक पढ़ पाएँगे …. So Pls Aap Yeh Video Dekhe aur Jyada se Jyada Share Kare Taki Dusre Log Bhi Dekh Paaye…

  5. yaar..I am preparing for upsc..I am a maths graduate..though I don’t like general studies..but when studied in an effective way though sometimes, I get mad about it..I Luv it..what I need is to study at least 14-15 hrs a day and it must be effective…so I really need ur help..thankyou

  6. Thanks for such a nice article.It really helped me .i got refreshed by reading this article.
    give me as many more article to read. Thanks

      1. I’m studying class 11th in Tamil Nadu board school and now for me 12th portion is going and i cant focus on studies and how to study all the subjects and i have taken bio maths stream and i want to become a doctor so kindly give me so piece of advices and tips to how to study all the subjects ….

    1. Whatever u r reading revise it every hour and it will give will power that u have covered that much. And while revision go out another silent environment or outside while less sound effect. It not only help u in revision also helps u in mind flexible.

  7. sir, i am a science student and i have to study the whole day long.I do this on a

    regular basis but sometimes i do feel so tired and even bored that i just can’t concentrate even on my favorite subject maths. Also i can’t even manage time to read the newspaper because after studying so long i get very tired.Please suggest me some suitable advice

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