Facets Of Indian Culture A Must Book for Civil Services Examination

Facets Of Indian Culture Book Cover Facets Of Indian Culture
Twenty fifth edition (2016)
Spectrum Books Pvt. Ltd.

One of the best books for civil services examination, We have also included this book in 8 Must have book for IAS Prelims. If you are have started the preparation for Civil Services examination, then do consider it for preparation.

Users Review 

One Stop Solution For Art & Culture..!
This Book Is ‘One Stop Solution’ For Indian Culture, Language, Art & Literature:
This Book Is Of Great Help To Candidates Of Every Competitive Examination Whether It’s UPSC Or State PSC.
This Books Covers Every Sphere Of Indian Art, Culture, Religion, Language, Paintings, Music, Drama Cinema & Is Based On Wide-Ranging & Deep Research Into Various Aspects Of Indian Culture Which Make It a Precise Authentic Resource On Which You Can Rely.
This Book Will Amaze You With Every Minute Details Of Every State’s Heritage It Has In It, With a Best Authentic Text To Support It.
From Religion To Dance Form & Music To Present Day Cinema Of Our Country, This Books Unfolds Every Detail.
I Don’t Find Any Downside As Far As Text Is Concerned But The Only Thing Which Makes It Boring Is It Has Not Even a Single Photograph Or Any Map, Diagram Or Sketch To Support Text, Paper Quality Is Better.

Content good bt Bad paper quality 
Reached half way readjng thjs book
Soo far its been helpful but i would really like to Cry out for the paper quality they use in book. For rs 258 this paper quality is nt acceptable i hv r a sharma satish chandra almost same price but paper quality of their books is excellent.

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